How To Accomplish Your Dreams With Less Stress


Miracles happen. Even when you’re stuck on a plane with no Wifi. I was bummed out because AP (my main squeeze) had booked us on a flight back home at 6am on a Monday so that we could roll straight into work when we landed.

I didn’t like this plan.

I have a morning routine at work and a daily deliverable I have to get in before 10am. So, you can imagine my reaction when there was no Wifi access to get my ish done. AP passed out right as the plane took off and I was left staring at a blank laptop screen.

That’s when I got the itch. The itch to write. Not for work. Not for a deadline. Just for me.

So, with no other option, I opened a fresh page in Word and stared at it for a few seconds. Then I typed a question. The question came so naturally to me that I didn’t even think about it. It was something that had been weighing on my heart and nagging at me for a while. I wasn’t necessarily asking anyone in particular. I just needed to get it out of my head.

What happened next was a bit… unexpected. I got an answer. It poured out of me like turning on a faucet. Easy.

I’ve included the question and response from my inner muse below. And it may just be my favorite thing that I’ve ever put into words:

G’s Question: I want to do multiple things. I want to lead a unique, multi-passionate life, but I don’t want to feel stressed and burned out trying to do it all. How do you lead a life that feels intentional and dynamic without stressing yourself out in the process?

The Response: “It’s not about thinking. You think that there’s a logical way to approach things. You are still stuck in the linear mindset. You haven’t come to accept that things only work in the way in which you set them. For example, if you limit yourself to the idea that point A will lead you to point B and that will lead you to your final destination than you do not allow for the option of a completely different path, which could potentially bypass point A and point B altogether.

It’s okay to review the examples of others; to witness the paths of other people. The problem therein lies in when you try to replicate that path as your own. It is not natural to you and, therefore, it will feel forced and will cause dis-ease and discomfort. It won’t feel natural and flowing. You will feel burned out because it’s not your way and it’s not your rhythm. You have to trust the natural rhythms of your life. The process is simple.

1)    Get quiet. Know what you want to achieve. Clarity is key.

2)    Decide that you have it. There is no other option but to have it.

3)    Write down the guidance that comes to you; that feels the most natural to you.

4)    Follow it.

For some it’s going to look drastically different than for others. That’s why some will tell you that you need to go to college and get 10 degrees - because they went to college and got 10 degrees and life worked out quite nicely for them. Then another will tell you not to go to college at all because it’s a waste of time. Learn it on your own and you will succeed. That’s because they did not go to college and learned it on their own and found success. Who’s to say which path will work for you? If they both found success, fulfillment and happiness then neither is incorrect. It’s not about listening to others as much as it is deciding 1) what you want and 2) doing it your own way.

You hear of all of these miraculous stories about people who have accomplished incredible things. Some moved slowly, some quickly and some in between. There are millions of examples because there are millions of people. If you feel you need to go quick, go quick. If you’d rather go slow, go slow. It’s not about how fast you get there, it’s about the process along the way. It’s about listening to your natural rhythm and following it.

But, remember, it’s a feeling - not a thinking. Yes, you have to use your brain to take action. For you to sit down and write, you have to make the conscious choice to open your laptop and put fingers to keys.

But, your brain is a tool - it is not a map.

When you rely solely on your head to make decisions, it’s like eating cereal with a fork. It’s going to feel forced, more difficult and take twice as long.

Use your internal guidance (intuition, spirit, gut, God) for navigating your way (big picture) and your brain as the tool for taking action (daily functions/habits/actions).

This is why writing, journaling, praying and meditating are important. Otherwise you’re wandering blind, not knowing where you’re going. You’ve lost access to the map.”

I don’t know about you, but reading (and writing) this brought me serious relief. I’ve always struggled with feeling behind, like I’m not moving fast enough, with thinking that I need a billion credentials to start any project. Yet, that’s all a culmination of external voices; of noise coming from outside myself. When I go inward, I feel more clear and the path, although sometimes scary, feels a lot more like me.

Now I’d absolutely love to hear from you.

Has there ever been a dream, activity or project that you’ve accomplished by following your own intuitive guidance?

What’s one dream (big or small) you’ve wanted to create in your life? Is there an action step you could take right now that comes from your heart?

Let me know in the comments below! Not only do I want to learn from you, but your comment could mean the world to someone else reading. :)

Sending you light years of love,