Skincare as Selfcare: Sharing My Daily Routine as a #SkinBabe


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I was so honored when Nicole Pence asked me to be a #SkinBabe for her skincare series which seeks to inspire women to be confident in their own skin and take time for self-care. Given that I’m a total recovering perfectionist, self-care is more than just a fun thing to do on girl’s night (although I love a good girl’s night); it’s one of my cornerstones.

More specifically, skincare has become a sacred ritual that holds my days together. If you’re interested in natural & organic products, routines (like, when do I apply toner anyway?) and how a less is more approach is key for glowing skin, you’ll absolutely love the post below. Give it a read and let me know what you think!


To me, #SkinBabe is a way to honor and love yourself. It may sound cheesy, but my skincare routine is what gets me up in the mornings. It's become my sacred time; where I intentionally create a pause to take care of myself. My routine doesn't take longer than a few minutes, but I've started to stretch it out as long as I can!


Skincare is relatively new for me because I literally used to splash water on my face and run out the door. That was my routine (or lack thereof) for years. I started up with skincare as a simple way to take care of myself, better.  My mind is constantly on the move and I wanted a physical practice to ground me. Skincare has become that daily ritual. I fell in love with skincare when I saw how much my skin responded to a little TLC! No more dryness? Radiant, dewy glow? Sold. I go make-up free most days, so skincare counts as my daily beauty routine, too. Keeping my skin clean, fresh and protected helps me feel confident and ready to take on the day.


1) Moisturizer with SPF. Hands down. Fun Fact: I recently learned that SPF 30 is enough to protect your skin from sunburn. Anything above 30 contains more chemicals that can have an adverse effect on your skin. If you want to make sure your products are safe, check out this website.

2) Water > Coffee. My boyfriend (Nicole's cousin, Andrew!) is going to laugh when he reads this answer. I used to seriously neglect my water intake (less than one water bottle a day) and relied on caffeine to get by. Yet, I couldn't understand why my skin was so dry and I would get spontaneous breakouts. *Facepalm*

When I decreased my coffee intake & increased my water consumption, I completely turned the beat around. And my skin has never felt better. It's tough for me to start drinking water as soon as I get up in the morning, so I trick myself into it by mixing in lemon juice and apple cider vinegar.


Woo! Love this question because I recently switched up my routine recently.

AM Routine

Cleanse: I cleanse with a natural daily cleanser & moisturizer combo by Josh Rosebrook called the Herbal Infusion Oil: Facial Cleanser & Moisturizer. Since the facial cleanser has a bit of oil, I soak a small towel in cold water and press it on my face to fully cleanse.

Apply Dermagel (most days): I apply Tammy Fender Clarifying Dermagel to areas where my skin has some scarring. This is a miracle product for acne and scarring. If you apply it to any affected area, within a day or two the situation clears up. I usually let this dry for a few seconds before moving onto the toner.

Tone: I spray my face with Herbivore's Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner - which is awesome for balancing out the skin.

Oil: I apply a small amount of oil all over my face - Laurel Whole Plant Organics Facial Serum: Anti-Inflammatory.

Moisturize: To moisturize, I use Aveeno's Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer with SPF. Recently, I've switched over to Ursa Major's Daily Defense Lotion with SPF as the natural option, but Aveeno is definitely a favorite.

Apply eye gel: I LOVE applying Tammy Fender's Awakening Eye Gel. It's my favorite part and really ties my whole routine together.

PM Routine


Natural make-up remover: Coconut Oil (specifically Conscious Coconut Organic Coconut Oil from local DC business, Nourish + Refine)

Then, the AM Routine is repeated!

I also love my "miracle worker" for dry lips, Henné Organics Luxury Lip Balm. I'm convinced I was born with chapped lips and this stuff seriously works. No dryness and no need to constantly re-apply! I can put it on once a day and have totally hydrated lips.


This is kind of a trick answer, but FOOD! As I get older, I notice that certain foods affect my skin immediately. If I eat a bag of chips or something with a lot of sugar or salt, the first place I feel it is my face. I've been super interested in the best foods for skin health and just started reading "Eat Beautiful" by Wendy Rowe.

My go-to skin care supplement right now is collagen. I put collagen protein powder in my smoothies in the morning to strengthen my skin, hair & nails! I'm just starting to explore the relationship between what we put in our body and how it affects our skin, so I plan to share more in the future!


Splurge: Tammy Fender's Awakening Eye Gel. I feel like I'm instantly transported into spa-mode when I put this on my face. I immediately relax. I love Tammy Fender's products in general because they're all natural. This one specifically contains antioxidants & omega-3s for moisture/skin protection along with elderflower & green myrtle to help with puffiness and skin de-congestion. She also includes the emotional & spiritual benefits of her products. This one is to help with “visualizing the good from within.” Yum.

Save: I've always been a fan of Aveeno's Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer with SPF! I love how light it is on my skin and you can pick it up at any drugstore.



I have few! First, my mom! She’s always prioritized her skincare routine and taught me and my sister that it’s a really important way to take care of yourself. I’m glad I’m finally listening!

I also want to tip my hat to Becky Waddell and the awesome women at Take Care Shop in Washington, DC. I go in there all the time and ask a million questions. They've really helped launch me into the world of natural skincare and I don't think I can ever go back!

And, finally, I recently met Jennifer Brodeur at a skincare masterclass event and absolutely love what she teaches. She’s full of wisdom on how to get glowing skin from within, so her main focus is on evaluating what we’re putting in our bodies as opposed to stacking up on products. #LessIsMore