Want to Spark Your Inner Creative?


I'm staring at a blank Word document. I click at a couple keys. Delete. Ugh.Sometimes it's hard to begin. What if nothing comes out? What if I stop flowing or I run out of ideas? What if I write something and I end up not liking it at all?

I know I'm not the only writer out there who feels this way. We all go through this at some point or another. There can be a lot of fear around the art of creating. We freak out that our muse will somehow decide she's not in the mood to come out and play. And then what? We're left with a blank screen and an insatiable craving for that sense of Being; that creative flow that we get into when time disappears altogether. Ah.

As I continue to stare at my screen, kind of zen-ing out, an idea floats into my awareness.

Creating is a holy practice. Treat it as sacred.

Prepare yourself for the state you're about to enter. Form a ritual around it. Honor it.

Zing! And just like that a moment of inspiration. I can't just force my inner goddess to come out when I'm in a state of frustration. I need to beckon her forth by honoring the process that I'm about to engage in; by accepting the moment for what it is and allowing it to occur.

So, why not create a ritual around it? It doesn't have to be some long, drawn out situation (if I do that I probably won't start at all). But, I can take a few seconds, even a minute or two, to honor what's about to take place. It's also kind of fun. 

I personally like taking the time to pray. And I don't mean those long (yawn), dry prayers some of us were taught as kids. I'm talking about creating a juicy, passionate prayer that's full of SOUL. An invocation that's authentic, in my own words, and will amp me up before getting to it. Example please? Here's what I've come up with for myself:

*2-3 Deep Breaths* *Eyes Closed*

Note: If there's a candle nearby or I'm feeling some incense, I might add that to the mix before I start.

Here are some brainstorming tips for inventing your own creativity ritual:

Juicy, Soulful Prayer in your words (see example above)

Lighting candles or incense

Singing or Dancing. This actually helps open up the heart chakra and let's that devotional energy flow.

Asking the following questions & accepting what comes upWhat do I want to write today? What is inside of me that longs to come out? What does my soul want to say? 

Affirmations: I am speaking my Truth NOW. I am a creative creature. Or, whatever works for you. Instead of waiting to be something, tell yourself that you are currently whatever that is... Then watch the miracle unfold.

This ritual isn't just for writers. It can actually be used before any creative endeavor. Are you a creative? Give it a whirl! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Have your own ritual you'd like to share?  Let me & the other soulful scribblers know by posting a love note below.

All My Love,